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Hemp: The Premier Plant for a Circular and Bio-based Economy

May 4, 2022

1pm-3pm ET + BONUS networking hour

Hemp is the ideal circular plant with all its parts having potential for industrial and ecological value. It is one of the most environmentally friendly crops with thousands of uses, such as textiles, food, building materials, plastics, and packaging. Hemp is a fast-growing plant and sequesters high amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere compared to a natural forest.


Unlike other crops, hemp requires less land and needs little in the way of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. It prevents soil erosion and helps with soil regeneration. Products made with hemp have enormous potential for end of life recyclability.


We are Hemp OpenSpace, the premier virtual industrial hemp community where novices and experts from across the globe come to learn, solve problems and connect to move the nascent hemp industry and the circular economy forward.

Network with these industry leaders
at the May 4, 2022 Hemp OpenSpace

JLM Headshot.jpg




Jody McGinness started as just the fourth Executive Director in HIA’s nearly 30-year history during the
first wave of the pandemic in mid-2020. The...

Lorenza HS.jpg




Based in EIHA’s Brussels office, Lorenza is a veteran policy advisor and
communication manager at the European level. She has led EIHA’s...

Hunter- cropped head shot.jpg



Hunter utilizes her experience working with regulators, policy makers, businesses, farmers and livestock producers to implement strategies...



Eric Steenstra is a hemp industry pioneer, co-founding hemp clothing and lifestyle brand Ecolution with Steve DeAngelo in 1992...

Beau Whitney Headshot May 2021.jpg



Serving an international clientele, Beau is considered one of the leading cannabis economists in the U.S. and
globally. His applications of economic principles to...





Zev serves as Chief Operating Officer of Abraham Paiss & Associates, Inc. where he provides consultation support to hemp...

How does Hemp OpenSpace work?

Wondering how Hemp OpenSpace events work?
Let's walk through the process, step by step.

1) Register for the next Hemp OpenSpace


We'll send you an email message that you can click to add to your online calendar. That message will include all the information you'll need to join the event from your computer: 

  • Date and Time 

  • Link to log in

  • Pre-event instructions, including technical tips to ensure everything runs smoothly

2) Log on at the appointed time

After a brief wait, you'll be invited to click to enter the event. The event hosts will welcome all the participants, introduce themselves, tell you what to expect, and go over the community agreements we'll all follow to ensure everyone enjoys the event.

3) Participate in an opening activity


Hosts will facilitate an interactive icebreaker to limber up your mind, prime you for collaboration, and practice using the tools you'll need to navigate the day's event.

4) Meet the Experts

A handful of experts will each make a brief pitch for a short interactive conversation focused on their area of expertise. You'll choose which expert/topic you want to pursue, and click to enter their session. You can move between sessions at your leisure. You'll see a countdown as the sessions are closing, and will be transported back to the main room automatically.

5) Regroup / React / Rejuvenate

Back in the main room, participants will be invited to share feedback and insights from the sessions they attended. We'll all take a short break, then gather for another brief group activity to limber up for the participant-generated breakout sessions. 

6) Generate Topics

Hosts will facilitate a brainstorming session that invites participants to suggest  questions or challenges they'd like to address and/or offer advice on lessons they've learned through experience. We’ll create a breakout room for each topic, and explain how to move from one room to another.

7) Choose Your Own Adventure

You decide where to start, how to engage, when to leave, and where to go next. If at any time you find yourself in a room where you are not learning or contributing, go somewhere else. If you need technical assistance, a quiet room, or some private space for an impromptu conversation, you'll find places to do that. As the breakout sessions are coming to an end, you'll see a countdown before being transported back to the main room.

8) Give Reviews / Say Good-bye


We'll gather once again as a large group for a quick debrief. You'll be asked to review the event by participating in a painless poll to solicit your honest feedback. We'll compile contact information to distribute among those who wish to share it, and we'll all say good-bye. Your feedback will be used to improve future events, which you'll be invited to join.

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