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Sergiy Kovalenkov


Sergiy has received his Civil Engineering degree in Carleton University, Canada. After university he went on to pursuit his engineering career in the field of construction project management before he came across a hempcrete technology in 2010. Sergiy has worked on numerous hemp insulation projects across the globe for the last eight years in countries like: Ukraine, Switzerland, France, Russia, Australia, USA and Poland.


In 2015, he founded "Hempire UA” in Ukraine, which has developed a 100% natural binder, that when mixed with hemp and water would create one of the lightest, carbon negative hempcrete insulation on the planet, called Hempire Mix. Hempire is constantly working towards bringing new products to the market such as new hemp-based insulation panel and prebagged  hemp-lime plasters. 


In last few years Hempire has picked up high recognition and numerous awards for its’ materials and creative, challenging projects during international contests. 


In 2018, Sergiy along with his partner Stuart McKenzie have founded Hempire USA in California and have started to take on hemp construction projects. The company is now focusing on setting up new hemp processing and manufacturing facilities  to supply the US market and rest of the world with top hemp based products.

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Sergiy possesses vast experience and knowledge in the field of energy efficiency and green building and has been invited as a speaker to numerous hemp, green tech and climate change conferences in following countries: Ukraine, Japan, Belarus, Italy, Canada, China, Kazakhstan, Austria, Lithuania, Poland and USA.


Sergiy is one of the founding members of US Hemp Building Association and he is currently director of Education Committee that is focused  on providing the North American building industry with essential hemp building  information.

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